We Are Charger Rocket Works

Welcome to Charger Rocket Works’ NASA Student Launch website!

Charger Rocket Works (CRW) is a group of multi-disciplinary engineering students participating in their senior capstone course at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. We consist of 15 students from the Mechanical, Aerospace engineering department. While CRW participates in the NASA SL competition annually, due to the nature of CRW and  the engineering program at UAH, each year a new group of students forms a team for the competition.

This season’s design consists of a 119 inch long launch vehicle with a 6 inch diameter body, weighing approximately 52 pounds. The vehicle is to travel to 5,280 feet and have a roll/counter roll inducing payload. 

Feel free to look around the website!  Here you will find photos of the team, updates on the team’s competition progress, design and safety documents, all of our educational engagement events for the season, and links to our social media pages!

Thanks for visiting, and Charge On!



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